Interview: A Glimpse into Product Development at DocuWare

DocuWare isn’t really known for producing cartoons. Yet falcons, jellyfish and other critters show up in our creative process, from the original idea til finished software. Here’s an interview with DocuWare-original Tobias Getz about his job as Product Manager and how he juggles working on three versions and critters at the same time...


White Paper System Architecture Updated

An updated White Paper on System Architecture was released along with the new DocuWare Version 6.10. It informs in detail about how DocuWare is constructed and what's new regarding its components, configuration, scalability of the system, and much more.


DocuWare Cloud Gets SOC 2® Certification

DocuWare continues to be the world's leading Cloud technology for Enterprise Content Management. At DocuWare we view Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability as core segments of technology leadership in ECM – and today we are happy to announce that as of August 15, 2016, we have gained SOC 2 Type 1 certification for DocuWare Cloud. Our SOC 2® report gives full transparency into DocuWare’s industry-leading controls and procedures ensuring the security and availability of DocuWare Cloud, which have been independently assessed and attested to by 3rd parties. What does SOC 2 mean to you? 


Need a New Feature?

What happens to all the ideas recommended to us by DocuWare users? What steps do we take between when an entry is made in our Customer Feedback Forum to ultimately launching a new feature? This article breaks down all the phases involved as we follow an idea we received to create a document preview with a large page view in DocuWare, from start to finish.


Why Cloud?

Cloud services are flexible, easy to use and based on a transparent cost model. Hosting solutions are especially popular for communication and project work. And we are seeing the same trend – more and more DocuWare customers are opting for ECM cloud solutions. So what are the true benefits of hosting an ECM – and are there any downsides? See for yourself with this cloud check-up:


How is DocuWare Built?

To learn more about the components and technologies which make up our software, take a look at the detail-rich System Architecture White Paper. A new edition was released in conjunction with DocuWare Version 6.9 and reveals what has changed within our latest update.


DocuWare Discontinues Silverlight

DocuWare is always looking for the newest technologies to make its products as user-friendly and innovative as possible. Some technologies might not make it for the long term – such as Microsoft Silverlight. In this instance, HTML 5 has prevailed. In 2014 DocuWare began switching its client from Silverlight to HTML 5, as final specifications for the new standards became clear. Gradually this transition is taking place in the last remaining Silverlight-based aspects of DocuWare Configuration.


Scanning Right Out of Favorite Software

If you work in accounting, this might sound familiar to you: every day, loads of invoices arrive that need to be quickly processed. Wouldn’t it be handy if documents could be scanned and captured directly in your accounting program? Even better, if the scanned invoice would launch an invoice authorization workflow or could be stored right away in a file cabinet – without ever having to open a new program window!


PoINT Jukebox Manager: Support Runs Out

DocuWare Version 6.8 will be the last version to support Jukebox Manager from the company PoINT. The reason is that jukeboxes which are currently in use can be accessed like a hard drive via the file system – which means, they don’t require any special integration software anymore.


Windows XP and Vista: No Longer Supported by DocuWare

It’s hard to believe, but some computers continue to run Windows XP, even though Microsoft discontinued support for it long ago. Even Windows Vista is spotted every now and then on workstations. Since Version 6.6, DocuWare also stopped offering support for Windows XP. And support for Windows Vista was discontinued since DocuWare Version 6.8.

But of course for all more current versions of Windows, you’ll be on the safe side with DocuWare for a long time to come – check this list to see which versions are covered.


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