Cleaning Up Data...Quickly

Organizing in DocuWare is a lot like everywhere else, whether it’s your kitchen, toolbox or desk: once things are cleaned up, it’s a whole lot easier to find what you are looking for. So when a misspelled company name is supplied as as an index term, related documents certainly won’t be easy to find. Making corrections along the way are certainly worthwhile to make...and quickly handled.


Searching for Documents in Folders with DocuWare

Not everyone likes hierarchies, but when it comes to documents, they can be quite helpful: they make it easier to find what you are looking for. This is true for paper folders and your computer’s file system as well as for DocuWare. But the folder structures in DocuWare offer even more benefits.


Saving Frequently Used Searches

DocuWare makes it easy to access your most frequently-used documents. No need to even enter search criteria. Just use your past searches and you can see all the documents in one view.


To the Last Digit – New Field Types

For stored email, a date is often used as a search term. But what happens if several similar emails are received in a day, as in a quick exchange about the same topic? Previously, you had to open several messages to track their chronological sequence and find the correct mail. But thanks to the new index entry "Date with Time", a quicker path to success is ensured. And another new field brings you even more advantages. 


Windows Explorer Client: Having Documents "Open with" Your Desired Program

Here’s a common feature in Windows Explorer: Click on a PDF and by default Acrobat Reader will open. If you’d like to work with the PDF, you can use the context menu and click on "Open with" to choose a program to further edit the document. But did you know that this handy feature is available to you in DocuWare Windows Explorer Client too?


Tidy Versions - Not Document Chaos

Too many cooks in the kitchen...can also be a recipe for disaster when it comes to documents. When lots of colleagues edit, annotate and store documents at the same time – locally or in different spots – it’s easy for chaos to break out. Luckily we’ve got different tools than the average kitchen to keep documents straight! All while giving everyone the access they need to get the work done.  


Tip: Search Dialog Clarity

“Can’t see the forest for the trees” – that can also be the case with search dialogs in DocuWare, especially when you have rights to many file cabinets. Read on to see how you get a lot more clarity – with just a few clicks.


DocuWare Mobile - Third Generation

The development of mobile apps is a tradition at DocuWare that goes back to 2011 with the release of a first smartphone app that allowed you to view, edit and stamp archived documents. This was followed by PaperScan, DocuWare Mobile II and DocuWare Hub, all apps for mobile document management. Now the third generation of DocuWare Mobile is hitting stores. With this completely retooled app, you can be a part of document-based workflows right on your smartphone.


Tutorial: Quickly Finding Documents with Smart Connect

Got a favorite program that you're working with day in day out? Maybe an accounting program? Wouldn’t it be so handy if you could stay in this program, yet access all the documents you need with a click of a mouse? It’s possible with DocuWare!


Integrating Result Lists in Main Applications

For the quickest access to specific documents, it’s a good idea to integrate a DocuWare result list within your main application. You’ll always have the documents you need at hand – without ever leaving the environment you are most familiar with. Integration is handled easily with a link:


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