Germany and France: Single E-Invoicing Format

Starting March 2017, there will be a German-French standard for electronic invoices. Key regulatory groups from the two countries agreed on this at their last meeting in December 2016. This hybrid accounting format is intended to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to go cross-border with their electronic billing.


E-Invoices in Europe: Enhanced Guide

“The EU Compendium E-Invoicing & Retention“ provides you with information about how electronic invoices in individual EU countries need to look and work. An updated version of this guide was recently published and includes three additional countries. It now gives you an overview of e-invoicing in a total of 22 countries.


The End of Support for 32-Bit Server and Server 2008

Please note that on 2/28/2017, we’ll be ending support for server computers with 32 bit operating systems as well as Windows Server 2008.


Automatic Indexing - Perfect Overview

Maybe the old adage "trust is good, but control is better" rings true in your business? Then you will welcome the new features of Intelligent Indexing, DocuWare’s automatic document indexing service. Because without even a click of a mouse, you can see an entire list of proposed indexing terms for storage. Find out here how it's done.


DocuWare Mobile Replaces Mobile II App

On December 31, not only the year will come to a close, but the availability of DocuWare Mobile II and II Plus for iPad as well. But have no fear, the new mobile version is already available – with a fresh design and many new features such as workflow tasks! And the best part: you don’t have to wait until the new year to try out the new version. Update your Mobile II or Mobile II Plus today and start working with DocuWare Mobile.


White Paper System Architecture Updated

An updated White Paper on System Architecture was released along with the new DocuWare Version 6.10. It informs in detail about how DocuWare is constructed and what's new regarding its components, configuration, scalability of the system, and much more.


New Version 6.10 of DocuWare Now Available

As an introduction to browser-based records management with project folders, the same folder views familiar from Windows Explorer Client are now also available in Web Client. For both searching and storing folders, these folders provide intuitive access to all your file cabinets. All documents related to a project are clearly laid out in a corresponding project folder.


DocuWare Cloud Gets SOC 2® Certification

DocuWare continues to be the world's leading Cloud technology for Enterprise Content Management. At DocuWare we view Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability as core segments of technology leadership in ECM – and today we are happy to announce that as of August 15, 2016, we have gained SOC 2 Type 1 certification for DocuWare Cloud. Our SOC 2® report gives full transparency into DocuWare’s industry-leading controls and procedures ensuring the security and availability of DocuWare Cloud, which have been independently assessed and attested to by 3rd parties. What does SOC 2 mean to you? 


Staying Legal Across Europe

Most companies know the retention rules for creating and storing electronic invoices in their own country. But what if they have offices in other European countries like the Czech Republic, Poland or Spain? What information needs to be retained there? How long do email invoices need to be stored? How much sales tax applies? All of this is covered in the free publication “EU Compendium E-Invoicing & Retention” which contains information about the legal requirements of all 19 European Union member countries.


DocuWare with Microsoft Edge

DocuWare Web Client can now be used with the Edge browser. This new browser released with Microsoft Windows 10 is ideal for use with DocuWare, like all other browsers.


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