Germany and France: Single E-Invoicing Format

Starting March 2017, there will be a German-French standard for electronic invoices. Key regulatory groups from the two countries agreed on this at their last meeting in December 2016. This hybrid accounting format is intended to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to go cross-border with their electronic billing.


Checklist: More Money with Electronic Invoices

If you send invoices by email instead of paper it means more money for your company. Customers pay their bills faster and even better: it eliminates the high monthly costs associated with paper bills. Have a look at this checklist – and see how electronic invoicing can save more for you.


50% Faster: Moving Data into Your Accounting Program

Incoming invoices can be processed even more rapidly when invoice data is automatically transferred into your accounting software. This includes all data that is typically captured and made available through DocuWare, such as an invoice date and number, amounts or cost centers. By grabbing this information, you already have the basics for booking records or making suggestions to your accounting program, making the billing process even easier for larger volumes. It also reduces potential errors by eliminating manual input. 


Maintaining Order with Electronic and Paper Invoices

More and more invoices are received by email. This includes records that are scanned en route with a smartphone or can be downloaded via link from the Internet. Add to that all those paper invoices that are scanned in and digitized in your mail room. How do you bring order to all this invoicing chaos in a DocuWare file cabinet?


Receiving Email Invoices...and Quickly Processing Them

You receive more and more invoices by email? We’ll show you how you can organize your incoming mail in a way that all received invoices can be processed very efficiently – regardless if you receive an invoice in paper format or in electronic form. The most important thing to remember: store all invoices in one bucket!


Sending Invoices Electronically: Make the Switch with Your Own Tools

Would you like to send all your invoices electronically – or at least a large part of them? We show you how you can be clever and make the change to sending your invoices electronically – regardless if your invoicing program has an  email function or not. Even just using Word or Excel will let you enjoy the benefits of e-invoicing.


Indexing Correctly with Multiple Barcodes

You already work with barcodes and want to further speed up your document processing? Then the feature “Filter Barcodes” might be right up your alley. It can be used with DocuWare Printer as well as Import Configuration.


Sticky Processes No More: Managing Electronic Workflows

Documents are at the heart of all business processes. Important documents often travel long routes, from co-worker to co-worker. That’s where things can go awry and a process is quickly derailed. DocuWare makes sure that your documents reach their targets – electronically! Every document is there where it’s needed. Colleagues are always aware when a document needs their input.


Tip: Displaying E-Invoices As the First Page in the Viewer

With DocuWare, you can process all incoming invoices in a uniform way – it doesn’t matter if they arrive on paper or as an e-mail. With a scanner, paper invoices are quickly digitized and imported with DocuWare into a basket or electronic file cabinet. Emailed invoices are also quickly advanced with Connect to Outlook and a click of the mouse.

Particularly handy: you can store an email invoice in DocuWare so that it is immediately on display when calling up a document in DocuWare – and only then followed by the email that relates to it. Here’s how.


Full Speed Ahead with Intelligent Indexing.

Innovations are a big part of DocuWare’s recipe for success. Intelligent Indexing is certainly one of these innovations and has become quite a success story on its own these past few months. Intelligent Indexing was developed to make document-based processes in a company faster and more efficient. More than 270 enthusiastic customers are now using this revolutionary and patent-pending system.


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