Simplifying Event Registration Processes

As nice as it is to get lots of registrations for an upcoming event – for an event’s organizer, receiving a registration form is just the beginning of a workflow. Forms must be collected and stored, payments need to be recorded and compared. With DocuWare, this entire process virtually runs itself: login data is recorded in a well-organized manner and each transaction automatically initiates the next steps.


Hybrid Data Storage: Access Your Local ERP System via the Cloud

DocuWare can automatically download data from an ERP system and use it for indexing. But what if the documents are in the cloud and the ERP is installed locally? It’s simple – just use DocuWare as a hybrid cloud and dip into the local database from the cloud. Here's an example:


Project Folders – A Simple Way to Store Documents

Folders give you a perfect overview of specific project-related documents along with all other documents. New information is immediately visible and available to all project participants. Here’s how you can use the same structure for simple storage.


Mandatory Fields Bring Order to Your File Cabinet

Indexing invoices with a barcode offers a lot of advantages – including the fact that an invoice can be clearly assigned to a specific booking record in your ERP system. To ensure that invoices are always indexed with barcodes, it’s best to set up a mandatory field. You can quickly do it yourself!


Unique Numbers from the Start

Whether invoices, orders, or an inbox - with clear consecutive numbers, further processing is often a lot easier. For this purpose, Automatic Numbering is a feature now available in DocuWare.


Clean Indexing: Stamping with Select Lists

To prevent errors during indexing, you can create a select list for a stamp. A colleague can take the stamp and then, for example, simply choose the corresponding number from a cost center select list – no need to type it in. The stamped invoice is then displayed as usual in the list of the responsible colleague. Here‘s how it works:


Intelligent Indexing: 5 Tips for Field Mapping

Intelligent Indexing replaces tedious indexing work for ultra-rapid document storage. To make the most of this self-learning service, we’ve got 5 tips from DocuWare‘s Support Pros for the best way to set up and assign index fields.


Automatic Indexing - Perfect Overview

Maybe the old adage "trust is good, but control is better" rings true in your business? Then you will welcome the new features of Intelligent Indexing, DocuWare’s automatic document indexing service. Because without even a click of a mouse, you can see an entire list of proposed indexing terms for storage. Find out here how it's done.


50% Faster: Moving Data into Your Accounting Program

Incoming invoices can be processed even more rapidly when invoice data is automatically transferred into your accounting software. This includes all data that is typically captured and made available through DocuWare, such as an invoice date and number, amounts or cost centers. By grabbing this information, you already have the basics for booking records or making suggestions to your accounting program, making the billing process even easier for larger volumes. It also reduces potential errors by eliminating manual input. 


Transferring Windows File Names for Indexing

The name of a Windows file often contain information that’s ideal for indexing. We’ll show you how to transfer a file name into a "File Name" field and integrate it in search dialogs and result lists – in three easy steps.


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