Now Available – DocuWare Version 6.11

Take full advantage of this new version’s simplified email management: Connect to Outlook has been retooled, enhanced with new features to make it easier to use and configure. Workflow Manager now offers even more for smooth processes. But of course, that’s not all.


HR Notifications: How to Make Sure Employees Read Them

Important internal documents are often skipped over and not read in a company. Either they sink in the daily email flood or their importance isn’t completely clear. This is often the case with important personnel guidelines communicated by the HR department. Here’s some advice for using DocuWare to make sure that everyone takes note of your most important HR information.


What’s New in DocuWare Mobile

The new version of DocuWare Mobile can now do even more! Links to workflow documents or result lists, which are sent to you by email, can now also be automatically opened right in this mobile app. Once there, you can enjoy all the possibilities of working on a native app: quickly zoom in and out, scroll through pages or simply swipe sideways to switch between document files.


Pre-Defined File Cabinets Provide a Quick Start

A new file cabinet – which is ready for everyone to use – can be set up in DocuWare with only three clicks. No need for specialized knowledge: the new file cabinet already comes with a set of 14 pre-defined fields for the most common applications.


Employee Onboarding: Stress-Free Start to a New Job

When new employees come into a company, it‘s key to have seamless organization and communication. With DocuWare, you can provide modern onboarding that saves paperwork and time...and ensures that new colleagues feel welcome from day one.


Viewer: Pick Your Favorite Features

Did you know that there are more than 60 icons that can be set up in Viewer to represent a wide variety of functions? And this doesn’t even include stamps! To give yourself a perfect overview, simply design a toolbar that best reflects your needs. Here‘s how it's done…


More Web Form Designs

With web forms, your customers can quickly and comfortably input data, booking records or registrations and submit them to your organization. Company logos, pictures and colors can be incorporated in the design, so that a web form retains your corporate design.


Everything You Need to Succeed > Support

Whether you are new customer or seasoned veteran – the updated support section on DocuWare’s website is the perfect starting point for you when it comes to expanding your knowledge about DocuWare solutions. From beginner tutorials to videos on various application scenarios and their implementation, from a detailed FAQ page to a rich support forum: you’ll find what you need right here.


Manage Workflows Using a File Cabinet as Data Source

You can use a DocuWare file cabinet in many ways – not just to store documents. If you use it purely as a data source, it can be used to control workflows very effectively. A file cabinet is easy to set up as a data source for DocuWare Cloud as well as for an on-premises system.


Personnel Files: The Benefits of Digitizing

Every company is free to decide how it handles personnel documents – in conventional paper files or digital methods. However, digital files are a must for modern, service-oriented HR management.


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