Save the Date: Customer Administration Training

Whether you’re responsible for day-to-day DocuWare operations, on the path to becoming a Power User or somewhere in between, DocuWare Customer Administration Training will take your understanding of the software to the next level.


Mandatory Fields Bring Order to Your File Cabinet

Indexing invoices with a barcode offers a lot of advantages – including the fact that an invoice can be clearly assigned to a specific booking record in your ERP system. To ensure that invoices are always indexed with barcodes, it’s best to set up a mandatory field. You can quickly do it yourself!


E-Invoices in Europe: Enhanced Guide

“The EU Compendium E-Invoicing & Retention“ provides you with information about how electronic invoices in individual EU countries need to look and work. An updated version of this guide was recently published and includes three additional countries. It now gives you an overview of e-invoicing in a total of 22 countries.


Unique Numbers from the Start

Whether invoices, orders, or an inbox - with clear consecutive numbers, further processing is often a lot easier. For this purpose, Automatic Numbering is a feature now available in DocuWare.


Clean Indexing: Stamping with Select Lists

To prevent errors during indexing, you can create a select list for a stamp. A colleague can take the stamp and then, for example, simply choose the corresponding number from a cost center select list – no need to type it in. The stamped invoice is then displayed as usual in the list of the responsible colleague. Here‘s how it works:


Intelligent Indexing: 5 Tips for Field Mapping

Intelligent Indexing replaces tedious indexing work for ultra-rapid document storage. To make the most of this self-learning service, we’ve got 5 tips from DocuWare‘s Support Pros for the best way to set up and assign index fields.


Lean Processes with Workflow Manager

You can find them in every company: workflows where decisions are delayed because there are uncertainties, inquiries and processing jams. With the help of clear rules and DocuWare Workflow Manager, you can transform even the most complex process into a structured digital workflow.


Making Secure File Cabinets Accessible to Customers

Even if you are using a DocuWare on-premise system, you can make your file cabinets accessible to customers through the cloud – for example, so your customers can always access a current price list or manuals. No additional IT infrastructure is required. Simply use DocuWare as a hybrid and store some documents in the DocuWare Cloud.


Email Flood? From Curse to Blessing

According to Bitkom, Germany’s digital association, employees receive an average of 18 business-related email per day. For a company with 100 employees, that means 12,600 email in just one week. That‘s a lot of information…that’s only partially valuable if it simply snoozes in people’s inboxes. In this article, you‘ll learn how to manage email with DocuWare and why email management with DocuWare is not only effective but truly necessary.


DocuWare and Digital Trends 2016/17

The digital transformation is in full force worldwide and you as a DocuWare customer are right in the middle of it all. To help you actively shape these new business models and benefit from digitalization in your everyday work, we’ll be filling the upcoming year with lots of practical tips and advice. These were the topics that interested you the most in 2016:


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