Digital Document Solutions Help Car Dealerships Solve 6 Key Challenges

Car dealerships face a particularly challenging set of business challenges – challenges that an enterprise document management system can help solve.  Digital document solutions should be an integral part of the information management infrastructure for any forward-looking car dealership. 


Choosing An ECM Solution? Key Aspects To Consider

How many moving parts does your organization have? As many as a luxury wristwatch?

When influencing so many central business components, exchanging any part for a new one means ensuring that all of the other parts continue working together just as well as a whole.

As far as the luxury wristwatch goes, “just as well” may be fine, but for organizations implementing an enterprise content management system, everyday efficiency increases are the aim. Of course, that isn’t easy.


Simplify Document Retrieval With These 3 Process Tweaks

Where are most mid-market businesses falling short in managing information more effectively?

Quite simply, there’s no centralized location for business documents that allows for fast retrieval. Business information exists on paper and it exists in digital form, but its existence is not organized.

In other words, just because you’ve gone “digital” doesn’t mean you’ve solved your document management problems.

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