6 Success Factors Of Invoice Processing Software

The drive to go digital is sometimes attributed to a want to remain competitive, and in a way, this is true.

But businesses usually choose to pursue invoice processing software because they’re tired of missing opportunities due to paper-based processes and people-based workflows.


How To Optimize Accounting Processes For Greater Control And Profitability

Stress levels are high and there’s not enough time in the day.

Inside accounts receivable, there’s pressure from upper management to increase the collection period to bring more money into the business, while inside accounts payable, questions arise as to whether or not the department is optimizing discounts with suppliers and cutting costs where possible.

The problem?

Your accounting staff is overburdened by paper.

So, how do you save them, and, in turn, strengthen your business?


3 Reasons To Pursue AP Automation Today (Or Get Left Behind)

When data entry errors get between you and your customers, it’s time to focus on minimizing the errors.

But if you’re a business persisting with outdated technology, it might be time to consider the benefits of automated accounts payable (AP) processes made possible through software.

Here's how you can get more done in less time at a lower cost.


3 Ways To Get More Value From Your ECM Implementation

Choosing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution is a big step toward improving productivity and collaboration. But to see the most value possible from your ECM and achieve success, you must carefully identify and address your digital document management challenges and goals. 

If you read our recent blog post on ECM implementations, you know about assessing which areas of your business take priority in your ECM initiative. Now, you need to define your current needs and challenges for those specific processes and set concrete, measurable goals for each one.

Let’s say you’ve decided that your accounting department is your top priority. It’s time to dig deeper.


3 Ways ECM Integration Delivers Value From Existing Business Systems

Any time you’re searching for a document or storing a document you’ve created, there’s potential for wasted time and misplaced information. If you save a file into the wrong folder, or misspell the file name, it’s much harder to find it the next time you need it. 


How Document Management Keeps Your Money Moving

There are two main processes to consider when it comes to keeping money flowing in to your company. First, there’s the sales process, where you earn money, and then there’s the accounts receivable process, where you collect those funds. Using a digital document management system is a great way to increase process efficiency and improve cash flow.

Are Document Silos Killing Your Process Efficiency?

When your employees lack access to business documents they need, it creates a bottleneck that steals your productivity and process efficiency. Here’s an example: Let’s say an accounts receivable clerk calls one of your customers to ask why they haven’t paid an invoice that’s now overdue. The customer replies, “Well, the product you sent isn’t what the salesperson promised in the proposal.”

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