Use System Fields to Capture Information

By Joan Honig • May 1, 2015 8:55:00 PM

System fields are automatically populated by Fortis. These fields include information like the current date, the username of the person logged in, or the Document ID. System fields are added to the system in the New Field dialog under the Advanced Tab in the Input Source drop down.

tools1The options you can choose for system fields are listed in the Fortis help files. 

  • If you add system fields after a document type has been in use, they will be populated in future documents you index. However your existing documents will not automatically populate those fields.
  • You can backfill the system information with the current system information using a tool built into Fortis. In Database Admin Station run a query for all the documents that include the new system fields. Select all of the documents, and then select File>Update System Fields. The system fields will be populated with the current system information.
  • If field level security is enabled, it is possible to modify most system fields (Document ID cannot be modified). You could use this to set a default added date or a document description for a group of files.
  • System fields can be added or removed at any time, however you must keep in mind that they pull current data from the system. If they do not exist when a document is first indexed, there is no way to get that information down the road otherwise.
Topics: Productivity, Information Capture