Fortis Tune-Up Series, No. 2

By Joan Honig • Jun 12, 2015 9:09:16 PM

Maintenance Tools and Security

This series offers tips to help you keep your Fortis system running at top efficiency. This article explains how to use Pack Full Text Index. 

PackFullTextPacking the Full Text Index in Fortis optimizes the storage space used by the index by removing any obsolete information. Running this utility will assure that full text searches are performed as fast and efficiently and possible. 

The Pack Full text Index Utility should be run after installing a software upgrade, or after a large group of full text documents have been removed to optimize Full Text Search performance. 

At a Database Administration station, open the database whose indexes you want to pack and choose Pack Full Text Index from the Tools menu. 

Select the Document Type(s) whose index you want to pack from the Select Document Type dialog box and click OK to pack the indexes. 



Topics: Tips & Tricks, Fortis, Productivity, Information Capture