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Customer Spotlight: Moving to the Cloud Positions Southeast National Bank for Growth

By Joan Honig • February 8, 2018 at 10:58 PM

While the banking industry has been slow to adopt cloud technology, this sector is warming up to its clear advantages. Banks are finding they can achieve greater flexibility, securely, and at a lower cost in the cloud. Southeast National Bank (SENB) moved to DocuWare Cloud to digitize its internal accounts payable process.

Before DocuWare, SENB relied on a paper-based system of making copies and shipping documents between its five branches for approval. Today’s process is transparent. Invoices are never lost in transit or stalled at someone’s desk. Accounts payable documents are routed through a digital workflow integrated with the bank’s general ledger and accounts payable software. With DocuWare Cloud, SENB’s invoice approval time dropped from one week to a few hours. This positions the bank to grow without adding staff.

DocuWare Cloud is built on and delivered through Microsoft Azure ensuring the highest possible standard of data protection, scalability and availability. As Don Schlorff, CFO and COO at SENB explains, “DocuWare Cloud is a good fit for us because we are very comfortable with the cloud software model and the security it offers our information.”

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