iJourney Towards Cloud Can Be Simple

By Marcin Pichur • September 28, 2012 at 12:55 PM

DocuWare’s partner in Asia, Pericom, organized a big conference for end-users in Singapore —“iJourney towards Cloud can be simple.” During the conference Pericom presented solutions that can facilitate the iJourney: DocuWare, ABBYY, JobRouter and Canon. It was one of the biggest conferences in Singapore related to DMS and archiving in the Cloud, with over 70 companies in attendance.

The DocuWare presentation was aimed at showing how end-users and businesses could profit from DocuWare in the cloud and what aspects are important when enterprises plan their iJourney. DocuWare showed that DMS can be easy and transparent for the end users. Via the Internet, without any software installed on your local PC, one can use www.DocuWare-online.com to store, search, view, download, edit and integrate documents in your everyday business processes. Documents are securely stored in the Cloud. The audience agreed that there are many challenges related to Cloud technologies each company would face – on the organizational, technical and human levels.

The big advantage of DocuWare is that we do not change the daily routine of the employees. Even in the Cloud one can interact with DocuWare without being aware that she or he stores a document in DocuWare. You can watch this video to find out how your organization can benefit from DocuWare Printer. The users will archive documents without changing their daily routine and without need for additional training. This is one of many advantages of the DocuWare in the cloud.

DocuWare can offer much more. The end users can interact with software via Folder structure as they do today when they store documents on the network drive. The value added on DocuWare’s side is that the users will see only the files they are allowed to see based on their permissions. Again for the end-users, DocuWare will be invisible because she or he will store or retrieve documents from the Folder. Once stored each document can be reused in other processes and can be subject to security process and organization retention policies. This functionality (DocuWare Explorer) is available in the www.DocuWare-online.com offering.

Last but not least, DocuWare explained why we believe that DMS in the cloud requires the professional services of an Authorized DocuWare Partner like Pericom. In order to deliver a solution that really meets the customer requirements and solves the daily challenges, one needs a fully customizable solution that is implemented and configured by professionals. That is DocuWare’s approach to Cloud business. We fully rely on our partner network and we strongly believe that this is the right way of delivering DMS in the cloud.

DocuWare would like to take this opportunity and to thank Mr. Derek Lee and all Pericomers for inviting us to this outstanding event. It was a big privilege to be a speaker at this conference. We would like to thank other partners and all customers for spending the whole day with DocuWare.