Video: Complete Project Management with DocuWare Version 6.9

Tobias Getz und Mirco Schöpf, both Senior Product Managers for the DocuWare Group, use a typical project to demonstrate how project documents and related processes are handled with DocuWare. They also focus on innovations found in DocuWare Version 6.9 and new tools for mobile work. This speech was held at this year's DocuWare Partner Conference and shows the advantages of the new features in an everyday application scenario.


DocuWare PaperScan for WhatsApp

For many of our kids, half their time is spent on WhatsApp and texting – or at least that’s the impression of annoyed parents everywhere. Sound familiar to you too? Or have you made your peace with this situation...and might even be a WhatsApp fan yourself? Sometimes, teenagers might even use WhatsApp for something meaningful. For example, to convey a homework assignment to a sick classmate. This happens to be something that PaperScan can help with, to make sure that all the information is legible and neat. PaperScan is our free scan app for Apple and Android smartphones.


Tip: Document Links via Clipboard

Simple and practical: with the new DocuWare Version 6.9, you can quickly access a hyperlink to a filed document or result list. Just copy the link into the clipboard and then you can add it to other documents, programs or email. This new feature makes it a lot easier to work in lots of different situations:


Workflows: Tips for Top Performance

Workflow Manager makes it easy for you and your colleagues to quickly manage tasks like invoice authorizations. To help you make the most of your DocuWare system when using workflows, we’ve put together a few best practice tips.


Tidy Versions - Not Document Chaos

Too many cooks in the kitchen...can also be a recipe for disaster when it comes to documents. When lots of colleagues edit, annotate and store documents at the same time – locally or in different spots – it’s easy for chaos to break out. Luckily we’ve got different tools than the average kitchen to keep documents straight! All while giving everyone the access they need to get the work done.  


Tip: Emailing Individual Document Pages

Sharing information is at the heart of your work. Whether answering a customer’s question by email or expressing an idea with a colleague, it’s important that recipients receive only the information they need and not grapple with huge email attachments filled with extraneous data. It’s easy to focus with DocuWare.


Creating File Cabinets with A Few Mouseclicks

File cabinets can be set up faster than ever before. With a few mouseclicks, you’ll have a new Web Client file cabinet that’s ready to start filling. Users can, for example, set up file cabinets themselves for specific projects within DocuWare Configuration (only if they authorized to do so, of course!). This is made even more simple through pre-defined file cabinet components.


Boost Your Purchasing Process with Web Forms

It can be a long way from purchase to invoice. To avoid losing information along the way and process orders as quickly as possible, it’s a great idea to integrate your purchasing process with your document management system. Using the modules DocuWare Forms, Task Manager and Workflow Manager, you can make the purchasing process even easier by automating a variety of steps.


Organizing Forms

Many companies take advantage of forms and templates to capture structured data. But it can sometimes feel like a long way to get to that point. Often a user must enter name, address, and other information multiple times. Illegible entries often delay data capture. And sometimes paper forms get lost in the shuffle. With DocuWare Forms, organizing electronic forms is made much easier and far more reliable.


Sticky Processes No More: Managing Electronic Workflows

Documents are at the heart of all business processes. Important documents often travel long routes, from co-worker to co-worker. That’s where things can go awry and a process is quickly derailed. DocuWare makes sure that your documents reach their targets – electronically! Every document is there where it’s needed. Colleagues are always aware when a document needs their input.


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