First Results of Spy Program

In April we presented our CEIP program for improving the user-friendliness of DocuWare. This program is utilized by DocuWare to capture statistical data about how actual installations are operated, sending this data back to us on a regular basis. From the outset, we placed a great deal of emphasis on the transparency and anonymity of this program. At no time do we register user-related data, such as user name or email address. The type of data we are collecting is documented very clearly and can be viewed by anyone.


Our Version of a Spy Program

You often hear about so-called Spy Programs that large software companies utilize to track their user‘s behaviors.  This sounds a bit ominous at first – no one wants a spy lurking in their PC. But even we have to admit: DocuWare would love to know more about how you are working with our software.


How to Move from DocuWare On-Premise To DocuWare Cloud

DocuWare Cloud already offers the complete functionality of DocuWare Enterprise Content Management. A switch from DocuWare On-Premise to DocuWare Cloud isn’t complicated. And with careful preparations, you can avoid business interruptions or risk.


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