DocuWare and Digital Trends 2016/17

The digital transformation is in full force worldwide and you as a DocuWare customer are right in the middle of it all. To help you actively shape these new business models and benefit from digitalization in your everyday work, we’ll be filling the upcoming year with lots of practical tips and advice. These were the topics that interested you the most in 2016:


DocuWare Mobile Replaces Mobile II App

On December 31, not only the year will come to a close, but the availability of DocuWare Mobile II and II Plus for iPad as well. But have no fear, the new mobile version is already available – with a fresh design and many new features such as workflow tasks! And the best part: you don’t have to wait until the new year to try out the new version. Update your Mobile II or Mobile II Plus today and start working with DocuWare Mobile.


Good Bye DocuWare Hub – Hello DocuWare Mobile

DocuWare Hub lets you store documents in DocuWare from virtually any app. Since this capability is now just as easily possible with DocuWare Mobile, we decided it’s time to move away from DocuWare Hub. A last update will make it extra simple to switch.


Office to Go: Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook?

Email by smartphone, video conference on a tablet, and a roaming office thanks to a notebook: many employees are using mobile devices to work from home or on the road. Here are some tips and application ideas to maximize your mobile office. 


Workflow Update for DocuWare Mobile

With DocuWare Mobile, you can always keep your document workflows in motion - even while traveling. Access your workflow tasks and all your stored documents from anywhere. The update of DocuWare Mobile makes it even easier to use workflows.


DocuWare PaperScan for WhatsApp

For many of our kids, half their time is spent on WhatsApp and texting – or at least that’s the impression of annoyed parents everywhere. Sound familiar to you too? Or have you made your peace with this situation...and might even be a WhatsApp fan yourself? Sometimes, teenagers might even use WhatsApp for something meaningful. For example, to convey a homework assignment to a sick classmate. This happens to be something that PaperScan can help with, to make sure that all the information is legible and neat. PaperScan is our free scan app for Apple and Android smartphones.


On the Road: Outside Salespeople Make the Most of DocuWare

Not so long ago, it was challenging for colleagues working in an outside sales role to take advantage of document management. Here’s what things mostly looked like: any information that might be needed for a visit to a potential customer was gathered up, printed out, copied and then the whole pile was dragged along. If anything was missing during an appointment, it had to be retrieved by someone back at the home office. After the meeting, it would take several days before reports and travel expense documents would arrive back the office. Thank goodness things have changed! Together with a mobile device, DocuWare makes it simple for salespeople to hit the road.


DocuWare Mobile Replaces Previous Apps

DocuWare Mobile is now available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. The new business app provides the functionality of our previous mobile apps and many additional new features – so it’s the perfect time for you to update from our older versions. The following apps were completely replaced by DocuWare Mobile and will no longer be available after August 31, 2016:


DocuWare Mobile for Windows Phone Now Online

DocuWare Mobile, the new business app from DocuWare, is now available for Windows Phone. Aside from a completely retooled interface, the new DocuWare Mobile also comes with enhanced workflow functionality. Mobile users are incorporated in complex processes and can complete tasks -- all on their smartphones.


DocuWare Mobile - Third Generation

The development of mobile apps is a tradition at DocuWare that goes back to 2011 with the release of a first smartphone app that allowed you to view, edit and stamp archived documents. This was followed by PaperScan, DocuWare Mobile II and DocuWare Hub, all apps for mobile document management. Now the third generation of DocuWare Mobile is hitting stores. With this completely retooled app, you can be a part of document-based workflows right on your smartphone.


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