Integration: Programming into DocuWare

Are you interested in integrating DocuWare into your own applications to automate tasks and boost your efficiency? Regardless if it’s a program, website or app – it’s easy. And the possibilities for integrating DocuWare’s features are virtually limitless!


Tip: Store Invoices while Booking – Goes Twice as Fast

Windows Explorer Client - Now with Smart Index!
With Windows Explorer Client, you can comfortably store your documents in DocuWare, without leaving your familiar desktop: just drag and drop your files into the desired file cabinet. In the latest version of DocuWare, there are additional options available when storing with a Windows Explorer Client. This also includes a feature that to date was only part of Web Client called "Smart Index." This tool lets you, for example, store invoices that belong to a specific booking process much faster than before – all without having to open Web Client.


Scanning Right Out of Favorite Software

If you work in accounting, this might sound familiar to you: every day, loads of invoices arrive that need to be quickly processed. Wouldn’t it be handy if documents could be scanned and captured directly in your accounting program? Even better, if the scanned invoice would launch an invoice authorization workflow or could be stored right away in a file cabinet – without ever having to open a new program window!


Tutorial: Quickly Finding Documents with Smart Connect

Got a favorite program that you're working with day in day out? Maybe an accounting program? Wouldn’t it be so handy if you could stay in this program, yet access all the documents you need with a click of a mouse? It’s possible with DocuWare!


Integrating Result Lists in Main Applications

For the quickest access to specific documents, it’s a good idea to integrate a DocuWare result list within your main application. You’ll always have the documents you need at hand – without ever leaving the environment you are most familiar with. Integration is handled easily with a link:


Integrate your Business Applications with ECM, Zero Coding!

Ever wish that you could put a magic button in your accounting system to automatically find copies of the submitted purchase orders or received invoices from your electronic filing cabinet? 

Applications that work together in perfect harmony make life easy for users, reduce errors, and lead to huge efficiency gains – but traditionally these integrations are costly to develop, time-consuming to create, prone to errors, and fragile when it comes to updates for the integrated applications.

DocuWare Smart Connect allows you to create integrations with virtually any software with zero coding in under 3 minutes! 


Great Teamwork: DocuWare with Your IT and Software

An ECM always needs to fit into an existing IT landscape, since its potential is really only unlocked when it integrates other systems. For example, to work seamlessly, documents should be directly stored in an ECM straight from an accounting program and directly accessible from there as well. The incredible variety of integration possibilities gives DocuWare users an extra edge to make the most of existing resources and configure integrations that best suit their needs.
In a series on “Integrations“ here in the Product Blog, we’ll be showing you various integration types as they apply to different applications. Kicking off this series is an overview of the general possibilities available.


SDK: Integrating DocuWare in Existing Workflows

Most companies use one or more standard software applications. DocuWare can be seamlessly and flexibly integrated into these programs. Modules such as SmartConnect, DocuWare Printer or Connect to Outlook are just some examples. With our Software Development Kit, you can take it even further, to incorporate individual elements and functions of DocuWare within third-party software.


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