Simplifying Event Registration Processes

As nice as it is to get lots of registrations for an upcoming event – for an event’s organizer, receiving a registration form is just the beginning of a workflow. Forms must be collected and stored, payments need to be recorded and compared. With DocuWare, this entire process virtually runs itself: login data is recorded in a well-organized manner and each transaction automatically initiates the next steps.


DocuWare for Human Resources: Successfully Managing Applications

Tug-of-war for the best candidates, talent management and team building: How can HR professionals lead their companies successfully into the future? Digital document management is the basis for strategically realigning HR processes and offering more support to employees. Perfect timing then for a new series in DocuWare‘s product blog that‘s devoted to "DocuWare for Human Resources." In the first part, we’ll cover five key benefits for managing job applicants:


DocuWare and Digital Trends 2016/17

The digital transformation is in full force worldwide and you as a DocuWare customer are right in the middle of it all. To help you actively shape these new business models and benefit from digitalization in your everyday work, we’ll be filling the upcoming year with lots of practical tips and advice. These were the topics that interested you the most in 2016:


Keep on Using Your Proven Paper Forms…Digitally

Lots of companies use paper forms – whether internally or in exchanges with customers or partners. These proven templates can be easily adopted within a digital process, whereby the form continues to contain the same graphic elements. Plus: workflows are significantly faster.


Travel Expenses Web Form: Just 3 Steps from Request to Reimbursement

It can often take a while between handing in your travel expenses and having them reimbursed. First a request needs to be manually filled out and then handed in along with all receipts to Accounting. There the request and receipts are scanned and stored, before the request is processed and finally the reimbursement check is issued. This whole process is much faster with DocuWare:


Office to Go: Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook?

Email by smartphone, video conference on a tablet, and a roaming office thanks to a notebook: many employees are using mobile devices to work from home or on the road. Here are some tips and application ideas to maximize your mobile office. 


Registration Forms – With and Without Paper

Registration forms are needed in many areas: for sports clubs, training centers or for any internal events. Processing registrations is many times complicated and dependent on how the form was filled out -- manually on paper, onto a PDF or through a web site. With DocuWare, you can streamline these processes while still allowing forms to be signed manually or digitally.


New Version of DocuWare Available

DocuWare Version 6.9 makes working with document management even easier for you as well as brand new DocuWare users: the Web Client starts with a brief tutorial that explains the most important elements and steps for working with DocuWare – ideal for first-timers. Even more seasoned DocuWare users and administors will benefit from the new version.


Never Print Out Forms Again

You know the drill: you receive an application form by email, are supposed to fill it out, sign it and send it back by email. So you print it out, fill it in, sign it, scan it and email it. Your grandparents once filled out forms with a typewriter, to make sure everyone could read them. And today?


DocuWare Forms: Employee On-boarding

Everyone who has ever had a job is familiar with the number of forms that need to be filled out in order to gain employment. Many of these forms require the same information. With DocuWare Forms, we can streamline the process of providing this information.
One of the most compelling features of DocuWare Forms is the Merge Form functionality. Merge Forms allow you to collect all of the information you need on a single web form, and then to populate multiple documents with that information and then store them in DocuWare.


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