Cleaning Up Data...Quickly

Organizing in DocuWare is a lot like everywhere else, whether it’s your kitchen, toolbox or desk: once things are cleaned up, it’s a whole lot easier to find what you are looking for. So when a misspelled company name is supplied as as an index term, related documents certainly won’t be easy to find. Making corrections along the way are certainly worthwhile to make...and quickly handled.


Clean Indexing: Stamping with Select Lists

To prevent errors during indexing, you can create a select list for a stamp. A colleague can take the stamp and then, for example, simply choose the corresponding number from a cost center select list – no need to type it in. The stamped invoice is then displayed as usual in the list of the responsible colleague. Here‘s how it works:


Contract Alarm: Never Miss a Deadline

Switch up electricity suppliers, re-negotiate your cell phone, don’t extend that subscription: if you want to avoid cost traps, keep your contract deadlines in sight. Need help remembering? DocuWare is here to help.


Searching for Documents in Folders with DocuWare

Not everyone likes hierarchies, but when it comes to documents, they can be quite helpful: they make it easier to find what you are looking for. This is true for paper folders and your computer’s file system as well as for DocuWare. But the folder structures in DocuWare offer even more benefits.


New Version 6.10 of DocuWare Now Available

As an introduction to browser-based records management with project folders, the same folder views familiar from Windows Explorer Client are now also available in Web Client. For both searching and storing folders, these folders provide intuitive access to all your file cabinets. All documents related to a project are clearly laid out in a corresponding project folder.


Indexing Documents with Filtered CRM-Data

You are probably familiar with the filter feature for storing documents in the DocuWare Client. When you enter “Peters Engineering” as the company name into the store dialog, for example, the “Contacts” field will automatically show the names of the employees registered with Peters Engineering. Why is DocuWare so smart? It’s easy – since DocuWare simply stores all entered data. But what if the data doesn’t exist in DocuWare, but in a CRM?


DocuWare with Microsoft Edge

DocuWare Web Client can now be used with the Edge browser. This new browser released with Microsoft Windows 10 is ideal for use with DocuWare, like all other browsers.


Never Print Out Forms again

You know the drill: you receive an application form by email, are supposed to fill it out, sign it and send it back by email. As a DocuWare user, you can make your life easier and anyone on the receiving end of a form a whole lot happier. 


Tip: Document Links via Clipboard

Simple and practical: with the new DocuWare Version 6.9, you can quickly access a hyperlink to a filed document or result list. Just copy the link into the clipboard and then you can add it to other documents, programs or email. This new feature makes it a lot easier to work in lots of different situations:


New Version of DocuWare Available

DocuWare Version 6.9 makes working with document management even easier for you as well as brand new DocuWare users: the Web Client starts with a brief tutorial that explains the most important elements and steps for working with DocuWare – ideal for first-timers. Even more seasoned DocuWare users and administors will benefit from the new version.


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