Hybrid Data Storage: Access Your Local ERP System via the Cloud

DocuWare can automatically download data from an ERP system and use it for indexing. But what if the documents are in the cloud and the ERP is installed locally? It’s simple – just use DocuWare as a hybrid cloud and dip into the local database from the cloud. Here's an example:


Making Secure File Cabinets Accessible to Customers

Even if you are using a DocuWare on-premise system, you can make your file cabinets accessible to customers through the cloud – for example, so your customers can always access a current price list or manuals. No additional IT infrastructure is required. Simply use DocuWare as a hybrid and store some documents in the DocuWare Cloud.


DocuWare and Digital Trends 2016/17

The digital transformation is in full force worldwide and you as a DocuWare customer are right in the middle of it all. To help you actively shape these new business models and benefit from digitalization in your everyday work, we’ll be filling the upcoming year with lots of practical tips and advice. These were the topics that interested you the most in 2016:


Levi Strauss: Processing Orders with DocuWare Cloud

It’s the stuff of legend: during the Gold Rush, Levi Strauss goes to San Francisco and creates the first blue jeans. The textile company continues to demonstrate its feel for the zeitgeist and not just in fashion matters – but also in future-oriented IT solutions.


Hybrid, Private, Public: What’s What in the Cloud

When you use DocuWare as a Hybrid Cloud system, you get the benefits of two systems. The local network is extra protected from external access and provides no entry point for intruders. At the same time, your customers profit from the 24/7 availability and performance of a true public cloud system and your company never has to invest in the IT infrastructure of a cloud. But what do they mean exactly by “Hybrid and isn’t a cloud always “public“? 


New Version 6.10 of DocuWare Now Available

As an introduction to browser-based records management with project folders, the same folder views familiar from Windows Explorer Client are now also available in Web Client. For both searching and storing folders, these folders provide intuitive access to all your file cabinets. All documents related to a project are clearly laid out in a corresponding project folder.


DocuWare Cloud Gets SOC 2® Certification

DocuWare continues to be the world's leading Cloud technology for Enterprise Content Management. At DocuWare we view Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability as core segments of technology leadership in ECM – and today we are happy to announce that as of August 15, 2016, we have gained SOC 2 Type 1 certification for DocuWare Cloud. Our SOC 2® report gives full transparency into DocuWare’s industry-leading controls and procedures ensuring the security and availability of DocuWare Cloud, which have been independently assessed and attested to by 3rd parties. What does SOC 2 mean to you? 


Time to Switch to the Cloud?

Never Change a Running System – that’s a motto that works at a lot of companies, especially those who get caught resting on their laurels. New IT projects are always out there to improve efficiencies and flexibility. But moving into the cloud? You might be surprised that every third new DocuWare Customer is now opting for DocuWare Cloud. It’s definitely also something that current On Premise customers should consider. Here are three moments that are particularly well-suited for making the switch:


Interview: Moving to the Cloud

Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular because they are flexible and easy to use. Though you might be comfortably running a DocuWare OnPremise solution for years, you won’t be enjoying all the benefits of the cloud. Thankfully, the transition from OnPremise to Cloud is a smooth one, as Christian Toussaint, DocuWare‘s Director Professional Services EMEA, knows from experience. In the following interview he reports from his years in the field.


Why Cloud?

Cloud services are flexible, easy to use and based on a transparent cost model. Hosting solutions are especially popular for communication and project work. And we are seeing the same trend – more and more DocuWare customers are opting for ECM cloud solutions. So what are the true benefits of hosting an ECM – and are there any downsides? See for yourself with this cloud check-up:


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