Jürgen Biffar

Jürgen Biffar

Jürgen Biffar is the President of DocuWare Group, and one of the founders of DocuWare. He is located at their headquarters in Germering, Germany.

Jürgen Biffar ist President der DocuWare GmbH und einer der Gründer des Unternehmens. Er arbeitet am Standort Germering bei München.

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    DocuWare PaperScan for WhatsApp

    For many of our kids, half their time is spent on WhatsApp and texting – or at least that’s the impression of annoyed parents everywhere. Sound familiar to you too? Or have you made your peace with this situation...and might even be a WhatsApp fan yourself? Sometimes, teenagers might even use WhatsApp for something meaningful. For example, to convey a homework assignment to a sick classmate. This happens to be something that PaperScan can help with, to make sure that all the information is legible and neat. PaperScan is our free scan app for Apple and Android smartphones.


    Never Print Out Forms Again

    You know the drill: you receive an application form by email, are supposed to fill it out, sign it and send it back by email. So you print it out, fill it in, sign it, scan it and email it. Your grandparents once filled out forms with a typewriter, to make sure everyone could read them. And today?


    Your Perfect Viewer

    The viewer in DocuWare Client offers a lot of handy features – everything from printing, sending emails and downloading to previewing images and adding markups and stamps. Learn how to configure your viewer, to best suit your needs.


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