User Conference Offers First-Hand Experience for Fortis Customers

At the recent DocuWare User Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri, 30 Fortis users in varying stages of their move to DocuWare learned more about the software and networked with other users and the DocuWare team.


Attention Fortis Users: You Are Invited to the DocuWare User Conference

Get practical experience with DocuWare, take part in interactive discussion groups and network with other users by attending the DocuWare User Conference being held in St. Louis MO from September 13-15, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch. 

Medical Practice/Surgery Center Moves Happily to DocuWare

The first wave of customers is moving from Fortis to DocuWare. Jan Delnero from Atlantic Gastroenterology Associates/Atlantic Gastro SurgiCenter shares her thoughts on their successful migration.


Fortis 6.9 and FortisBlue 6.9 are available now!

Fortis and FortisBlue 6.9. include the DocuWare Migration Helper. Learn more at a webinar on April 21. 


Ad Hoc Data Capture

Templates are a powerful tool when you're working with documents in a consistent format. But what can you do when no two images are alike? 


Query Consolidation

Group related searches into one Query to save time and increase efficiency. 


How to Use Queries Appropriately

Saved Queries are the most efficient means of retrieving documents from Fortis. Hunting for files in the Document Explorer, or using Browse Queries can be used for quick one-off searches, but should not be the primary method for finding documents.


Enhancements to Fortis LDAP

Fortis 2.5 Service Pack 6 added enhancements to Fortis Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Learn more about how these enhancements can speed up the user authenticiation process. If you're not running the current version of Fortis (2.8), this one more reason to upgrade.


Fortis Tune Up Series - No. 4 Update Archive Path Utility

This series offers tips to help you keep your Fortis system running at top efficiency. We do not recommend that you move files manually in your Fortis installation. Doing so increases the possibility that files will not be in the location that the database points to. Best practices require using the Move Archive Utility. But if you have already moved files manually, the Update Archive Path Utility enables you to update the Archive Path for these files.


Fortis Tune-Up Series, No. 3

Alternate File Storage Locations

This series offers tips to help you keep your Fortis system running at top efficiency.Using Alternate File Storage Locations lets you transfer documents from a current Archive directory location to new one to free up space for new files. This article explains how to use the Move Archive and the Move Document File Utilities. 


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