3 Tips For Avoiding Costly ECM Integration Mistakes

Today’s organizations could benefit greatly by integrating document management or enterprise content management (ECM) with other systems, such as the email system, CRM and ERP.

But these integrations aren’t all the same. They require different levels of expertise, and going into this process blind could be much more difficult and costly than you imagined.


Comfortable Document Control with Zero Interruptions at ROTEX Heating Systems

When this international manufacturer of complete heating systems introduced DocuWare in 2012, their main focus was on speeding up their payment authorization process for the 150 incoming invoices received daily. IT Project Manager Stefan Blumhagel remembers: “A new signature policy maxed out our system for distributing and gathering authorizations by in-house mail. And when employees in the chain were out of the office, documents would sometimes sit in their inboxes. Some documents took weeks to gather all the necessary signatures, and we lacked a central status overview.”


How Digital Document Management Prevents Your Compliance Nightmares

The auditors tell you that they’re spot-checking for compliance and want to see all documents related to three particular transactions.

So begins the long process of locating, photocopying and refiling the physical documents. Soon, you realize you’ve missed an important set of documents. Misfiled, perhaps. But how would you prove they weren’t destroyed on purpose?


How To Maximize User Adoption For Your Document Management System

Following a sound user adoption strategy is important for all IT projects, but it’s critical when you’re implementing a centralized system that’s going to span multiple departments and business units, and change how an organization works.

With a centralized document management system, you’re improving many processes and changing the way people work together, and following a user adoption plan is essential for a successful implementation.

Here are five ideas that help to maximize user adoption:


How A Fully Integrated ECM Platform Boosts Your Productivity

Many companies adopt enterprise content management (ECM) tools, but fail to fully integrate the technology with their existing systems, tools and workflows. As a result, they miss out on much of the technology’s full value. 

A fully integrated ECM platform delivers important benefits for your organization, your employees and your bottom line.

Here are three aspects of ECM integration that improve efficiency and productivity:


5 Proven Ways To Ensure Strong ECM User Adoption

Many businesses want to capture the benefits of enterprise content management (ECM), but worry that their employees won’t use the system properly or will find ways to work around it. While this is a legitimate concern for organizations considering a technology investment, there are proven ways to drive strong ECM user adoption. 

Here are five ways to ensure that your end users actually adopt a new ECM system: 


Before You Optimize Workflow Processes, Get Employees On Board

Document management systems are often used to improve workflow processes that involve multiple departments.

The most popular uses, for example, include processes for invoicing and for archiving commercial documents needed for tax audits. While these administrative or supporting processes often aren’t directly productive, they are great opportunities to make an organization more transparent and efficient.


5 Secrets To Strong ECM User Adoption

If you’re a CIO or CFO trying to move your organization forward with enterprise content management (ECM), you know how crucial user adoption is to a successful technology implementation. If executives and shareholders anticipate an uphill battle to get employees on board, they’re understandably reluctant to invest in an ECM system.

When you understand how user adoption works and how to plan for it, there are many ways to make a new ECM system appealing to your employees.


5 Common Inefficiencies SMBs Could Overcome With Document Management

In today’s competitive marketplace, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are always looking for ways to accomplish more work without the expense of hiring more people or paying overtime. 

Improving efficiency is one of the best ways for SMBs to drive profits and stay ahead of the competition, and poor document management should be one of your first targets. 

Here are five common inefficiencies that SMBs could overcome with an effective document management system


Is Your Document Management Process Holding You Back?

The way your organization handles documents may seem commonsense and straightforward, but it’s worth taking a second look. Document management is so entwined in your business processes that uncovering and correcting inefficiencies could result in a major boost in productivity and revenue.

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