Sharp CFOs Boost Information Security with Business Process Improvement

Finance executives in all organizations are being asked to look closely at their core processes. Two the main drivers for business process improvements are cost reduction and information security. Studies show there is great variation in the efficiency of financial processes. Bottom performers spend 2.13% of revenues on financial processes; top organizations only spend 0.57%. This cost disadvantage drops directly to the bottom line, making it difficult for organizations with paper-laden and inefficient financial processes to compete.


ISO 9001 Certification Expiring? Focus on Digitizing Document Processes

ISO 9001 certification -- technically ISO 9001:2008 AND ISO 9001:2015 -- is a must-have for most manufacturing and service companies.  There are now over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001.  ISO 9001 certification is increasingly required in subcontracts, especially by European multinationals.

There are a wide variety of business advantages to ISO 9001 certification. 


6 Reasons Why Effective Customer Information Management is Critical

Most organizations have in place a “CRM” or Customer Relationship Management system.  A CRM solution is used to track customer information, customer documents, relationships, and potential deals.  However, when organizations implement these systems, they often neglect a key issue – how to manage and organize the actual customer documents that flow through a CRM system – the raw material that actual creates value


Improving Patient Experience & Office Efficiency with Electronic Documents

In the not-so-distant past, manual entry of medical information and physical filing systems were standard operating procedure for all medical offices. Doctors and staff had no choice but to write information down and then manually enter that data into office systems.


Avoiding HIPAA Compliance Issues In Medical Offices

HIPAA compliance issues and the importance of electronic medical records.Between HIPAA documents, insurance forms, billing papers and patient records, the healthcare industry is buried in paper – and it continues to pile up.


ECM: Your Secret Weapon For Sensitive Document Control

On a daily basis, your business creates and handles hundreds of documents. These documents detail processes, convey product specifications and provide instruction to other employees as well as customers.


Choosing An ECM Solution? Key Aspects To Consider

How many moving parts does your organization have? As many as a luxury wristwatch?

When influencing so many central business components, exchanging any part for a new one means ensuring that all of the other parts continue working together just as well as a whole.

As far as the luxury wristwatch goes, “just as well” may be fine, but for organizations implementing an enterprise content management system, everyday efficiency increases are the aim. Of course, that isn’t easy.


Top 5 Ways Document Management Benefits Mid-Sized Companies

When you ask people at a mid-sized company what they hope to get from adopting digital document management, and then follow up after they’ve implemented a solution, most indicate that they received greater value than they had initially anticipated.


How Well Does Your ECM System Protect Sensitive Information?

When it comes to securing your company’s valuable documents and confidential information, it’s not enough to focus on thwarting intruders and cyber attacks. 


Are You Missing Out On The Benefits Of A Paperless Office?

A paperless officemakes working more fluid and productive because it eliminates manual processes and automates repetitive tasks. While a fully digital environment was once beyond the reach of most businesses, recent technology advances have made going paperless easier — and essential.

When properly implemented and configured, paperless office software helps people to quickly access the content they need, complete tasks quickly and then archive the file securely. It frees them from tedious, time-consuming tasks and the frustrations of not being able to find information.

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