Are Paper-Based Processes Costing You Customers?

customer service workflowWhen was the last time you asked customers about how they felt while doing business with you? What would their feelings reveal about the overall customer experience?


Improving Patient Experience & Office Efficiency with Electronic Documents

In the not-so-distant past, manual entry of medical information and physical filing systems were standard operating procedure for all medical offices. Doctors and staff had no choice but to write information down and then manually enter that data into office systems.


Increasing Productivity With Digital Accounting Workflows

digital accounting workflowsPaper-based accounting processes are cause for concern. In some businesses, they are debilitating.

Now, more than ever, executives are wondering what technologies make the most sense in a digital business strategy, and when it comes to streamlining accounting processes, document management software is an essential component of that strategy.


Avoiding HIPAA Compliance Issues In Medical Offices

HIPAA compliance issues and the importance of electronic medical records.Between HIPAA documents, insurance forms, billing papers and patient records, the healthcare industry is buried in paper – and it continues to pile up.


Why A Digital Strategy Addressing Document Management Drives Profitable Growth

Every day, the world becomes more digital. In our personal lives, the change is persistent.


How Anytime, Anywhere Document Access Unlocks Productivity

Accessing documents and managing content from a mobile device is how businesses and employees are accomplishing more on the go. It enables some businesses to be completely mobile.


How To Secure Client Data And Reduce Compliance Risk

Securing client data and reducing compliance risk are usually top concerns for members of the financial industry – from banks to investment firms to individual finance departments in small, mid-sized and large businesses.


ECM: Your Secret Weapon For Sensitive Document Control

On a daily basis, your business creates and handles hundreds of documents. These documents detail processes, convey product specifications and provide instruction to other employees as well as customers.


Choosing An ECM Solution? Key Aspects To Consider

How many moving parts does your organization have? As many as a luxury wristwatch?

When influencing so many central business components, exchanging any part for a new one means ensuring that all of the other parts continue working together just as well as a whole.

As far as the luxury wristwatch goes, “just as well” may be fine, but for organizations implementing an enterprise content management system, everyday efficiency increases are the aim. Of course, that isn’t easy.


How Digitizing Government Workflows Increases Audit Trail Control

Federal, state and local government agencies are experiencing a paper problem, and it’s one that’s slowing them down, creating inefficiencies and costing them money.

Today’s agencies feel pressure to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs while ensuring data integrity through greater audit trail control. A move to some sort of digital document storage software seems inevitable, and the quest for a solution that creates transparency into and control over how sensitive documents are managed is essential.

But how exactly is document management controlled in a digital environment?

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