How Anytime, Anywhere Document Access Unlocks Productivity

Accessing documents and managing content from a mobile device is how businesses and employees are accomplishing more on the go. It enables some businesses to be completely mobile.


Why Your Document Management System Needs Future-Proof Architecture

Perhaps all your company needs is a simple document management solution running on a single workstation. On the other hand, you might need a system that spans multiple organizations, thousands of users and millions of documents.


5 Innovations That Are Changing Document Management

When you’re choosing a document management solution, it’s hard to know which features and functionality are going to be most relevant for your business. While every business has different requirements, it’s important to choose a solution that evolves with your needs and accommodates future technology. Innovations in Document Management

Configuring And Optimizing Your ECM Solution For Success

Has your organization recently implemented an enterprise content management (ECM) solution?

Before you celebrate, understand that now is when the real work begins. It’s time to configure and optimize the ECM solution. This is the stage when you put that plan into action, integrating ECM with your line-of-business applications, as well as your email system and mobile technology. 


How A Fully Integrated ECM Platform Boosts Your Productivity

Many companies adopt enterprise content management (ECM) tools, but fail to fully integrate the technology with their existing systems, tools and workflows. As a result, they miss out on much of the technology’s full value. 

A fully integrated ECM platform delivers important benefits for your organization, your employees and your bottom line.

Here are three aspects of ECM integration that improve efficiency and productivity:


How Digital Workflows Drive Productivity In Your Accounting Department

Every organization faces constant pressure to become more efficient and do more with less. That need for efficiency often translates into exchanging documents at ever-increasing speed, thanks to everything from airmail to fax machines to email.

Now, the challenge is to maintain efficient workflows while accommodating a profusion of new information formats, such as email, electronic documents, spreadsheets and databases. 


Why Some Fall Behind: Document Management Q&A With AIIM’s John Mancini

Consumerization, cloud and mobile technology, the Internet of Things — these three disruptors are increasing the possibility that information chaos could sweep through your organization, according to John Mancini. For companies without document management solutions in place, it’s increasingly difficult to remain competitive.

“I think we’re in an environment where there are going to be a lot of winners and losers that are unexpected,” he says. “That disruption is going to affect a lot of organizations, and that’s why they have to take these technology issues seriously.”


Disaster Relief: How Document Management Protects Your Business Data

Fires break out all the time, and paper documents burn well. If all of your information suddenly went up in smoke, chances are good that you’d soon go out of business.

Creating redundant copies of paper documents is prohibitively expensive, but you can’t afford to operate without a backup. That’s why an electronic document management system is the best option for protecting your business information in the event of a natural disaster, cyber attack or other data loss.


What Costs Are Hidden In Your Document Management?

Every day more and more information flows into your organization — everything from invoices and payments to emails, documents and social media data. Unless you have a good document management system in place, all of that information gets stored in disparate systems and locations. As a result, the ever-increasing flow of information becomes less usable and takes longer to find.


Using Business Process Analysis To Streamline Your Workflow

If your organization has some employees in a central office and others spread out across different project sites, it’s easy for seemingly straightforward processes to become slow and inefficient.

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