9 Ways Automated Customer Documentation Can Reduce Manufacturing Cycle Time

A wide variety of document types and forms of customer documentation are involved moving a product from inventory to the customer:  invoices, packing lists, manifests, labels, advanced shipping notices, return material authorizations, handling notices, and a wide array of personalized offers and regulatory paperwork.


Supplier Relationship Management – A Solution to 5 Key Procurement Challenges

Procurement includes the processes by which manufacturing requirements are translated into supplier requirements; how supplier relationships are managed; and ultimately the ordering of goods and services needed to produce the product.


7 Symptoms of an Engineering Change Order Bottleneck

A wide variety of documents are used during a manufacturing product development and design process.  These include Market Requirements Documents (MRDs), design sheets, research info, CAD/CAE drawings, standards and specifications, vendor catalogs, manufacturing instructions and a host of others.  

But perhaps most challenging are Engineering Change Orders (ECO), which are used to map Engineering requirements into Manufacturing requirements, and represent a major source of production bottlenecks within manufacturing organizations.   


Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles to Business Operations

“Lean” manufacturing principles are well known to manufacturing executives.  These include standardizing processes, eliminating waste, reducing variants in products and services, and delivering higher product quality.  Working from the perspective of the client who consumes a product or service, lean is centered on making obvious what adds value (any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for) and reducing everything else. 


Reduce Manufacturing Errors By Automating Document Management Tasks

Automation and manufacturing usually go hand-in-hand. Automation improves speed and accuracy while also limiting exposure to risk.

Document management is a big part of your manufacturing process that should be automated.

Centralized, digital document management for manufacturers saves time and reduces the risk of error.


One Year To Document Management ROI: A Manufacturing Case Study

If you’re curious about the advantages of digital document management, you want to make sure that it’s a good investment for the company. You need to know that the new technology is going to reduce your current document expenses enough to recoup your initial investment, and then provide an ongoing return that benefits the company. 


Electronic Document Management Helps Aluminum Manufacturer Grow Business

Jupiter Aluminum (Jupiter) prides itself on its ability to produce low-cost, high-quality aluminum coil that exceeds customer expectations. Electronic document management plays an important role in its highly effective business model.

Before implementing electronic document management software, Jupiter struggled with the unnecessary time, costs and physical paper that document processing requires.

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