3 Tips To Move Paper-Based Processes To The Paperless Office

If your existing processes are well documented, it’s relatively easy to transfer them into a digital environment using document management software.


Benefits Of Using Digital Workflows In Accounts Payable

Regardless of industry, digital workflows may be used for a wide range of paperless processes, from simple to highly complex.


How Digital Workflows Help Your Human Resources Department

What ingredients are involved in a digital workflow?


How Electronic Invoicing Frees Your Team From Stress And Drudgery

If you’ve been processing invoices manually, you’re all too aware that juggling a mass of paper and digital files is stressful and time-consuming.


How Document Management Supports Growth: An Agricultural Case Study

As with any technology investment, choosing a cost-effective document management system starts with carefully assessing your business needs, and then choosing a system that meets them. But you should also look for a system with the flexibility to scale with you as your company grows.


One Year To Document Management ROI: A Manufacturing Case Study

If you’re curious about the advantages of digital document management, you want to make sure that it’s a good investment for the company. You need to know that the new technology is going to reduce your current document expenses enough to recoup your initial investment, and then provide an ongoing return that benefits the company. 


3.5 Accounting Process Upgrades For Your AP Department

accounting-process-AP-departmentIs your accounts payable team always in danger of falling behind, but hiring additional staff just isn’t in the budget? You know you need to improve efficiency in your accounting process, yet can’t afford to waste already limited time on tools and new workflows that might not pay off.

Here are 3.5 ways to significantly reduce the staff time required in your current accounts payable (AP) processes, using a robust document management system:


Streamline Invoice Processing With Document Management

When it comes to invoice processing, the single best way to achieve high efficiency and reduce costs is by adopting an enterprise content management system. ECM, sometimes called document management, equips your accounting department with strategic technologies for automating business processes and storing and retrieving documents electronically.

Here are two of the ways that enterprise content management could help your accounting department achieve optimal performance with accounts payable:

Perfecting Your Paper Management System In The Digital Age

Although the technology for digital document management and enterprise content management has been available for decades, paper still plays an important role in business processes at many organizations. These paper-based processes often have room for improvement in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness.

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